Twitter Takes Unbelievable Action Against Triple Amputee Over His $18Mil Wall Fundraiser

There’s probably no end to worthy causes in this country that need funds to succeed and rely on generous donators to provide that. It doesn’t diminish the importance of any other cause to raise money for one and not the other. Nobody can raise money for all causes at one, but Americans concerned with something they are particularly passionate about can certainly start a fund to solve an issue near to them.

Instead, leftists’ biggest issue with raising money to protect our southern border and thus make America safer for all citizens in this nation, seems to be the misguided argument of why the effort isn’t being directed at homelessness or anything else they pull out of their pocket for sake of argument.

Worse, are those who don’t want money for the Wall at all and take action against those who are rightfully raising money for a worthy cause, without being divisive, bigoted, and certainly not racist.

Although the Twitter platform is supposedly a platform for free expression and sharing of ideas, that’s really not the case since the administrators and owners seem to control the narrative and what’s shared on their platform. #WeFundTheWall campaign head, Brian Kolfage, who is a triple amputee war hero, has used Twitter to bring attention to the cause, as is his right, considering it’s a worthwhile and legitimate fundraiser, which has become explosively successful. However, free speech has been denied to this citizen who sacrificed three limbs for our rights.

As dangerous “information gods” over the universe, Twitter and Facebook, only let the world see what the owners personally deem important. Controlling a narrative like this is directly against the right to free speech that every single citizen is given, but as private businesses, they affect democracy however they see fit.

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It would seem that the massively popular GoFundMe account for the border wall, proving the mass majority of American citizens support it, would be a positive post on the Twitter platform. Instead, it’s not a cause they agree with, so they appear to have taken action against the petition for the wall, as to directly affect the outcome of this campaign in an egregious way.

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