UPDATE: CDC Releases New Information on Smallpox Vials Found in Vaccine Research Facility

Recently, we were told about the finding of vials in a freezer in Pennsylvania at a vaccine research facility that were labeled as “smallpox”.

Smallpox is not supposed to be anywhere except for in two facilities in the entire world and I’m sure that they’re on extremely tight security. You’ve probably got to leave your legs as collateral to be able to even get into the same room as the stuff.

This was very worrisome because if smallpox were to be leaked into the world, it would be another COVID-like disaster all over again.

Biological warfare is the newest form of warfare among major nations. When I say new, I just mean that it seems to be the weapon of choice instead of regular ol’ guns and ammo.

We’re in the technology age and we have hacking and biological weapons to deal with enemies now. Honestly, it seems like the United States is running behind on this.

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Well, finally we’ve got some new information on the vials. As it turns out, there was no smallpox actually detected in those vials.

According to MSN,

“The freezer facility was immediately secured and staff followed standard protocols for notifying CDC of such a potential discovery. The vials were sent securely to CDC for testing on November 18 to determine what they contained,” the CDC said in a statement.

Upon investigation, health officials were able to determine that the vials “contain no trace of virus known to cause smallpox.” The vaccinia virus that was detected inside the vials is used to produce smallpox vaccine and is the origin of the word “vaccine,” CNN reported.

The CDC said that it “is in close contact with state and local health officials, law enforcement, and the World Health Organization about these findings.”

Mark O’Neill, a spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Department of Health, told the New York Times that the vials were found at a Merck facility in Montgomery County.

It was not clear why the vials were in the freezer.

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