UPDATE: New Information on Police Killing of Daunte Wright (VIDEO)

Earlier this week, we saw rioting once again flare up in Minneapolis, but it’s not because of George Floyd or the trial that is going on right now to determine whether or not Derek Chauvin was guilty and responsible for the death of George Floyd.

We all already know that if he is found not guilty then cities will burn, and I agree with Van Jones – which is hard to believe – but it’s the whole police system of excessive force that is being put on trial right now and not just Derek Chauvin. It’s going to be an incident of whether or not we will continue to allow police to have unrestricted ability to do anything to anyone they please.

It doesn’t help that there was another incident with the death of Daunte Wright now, or the incident in which another black man was sprayed with pepper spray during a traffic stop in which the man was wanting the police to tell him what was going on and how he was afraid to unbuckle his seatbelt for fear of being shot.

But to speak more on the Daunte Wright shooting, it’s not been revealed that the officer who shot him said she did it by mistake and was trying to deploy her taser. In my opinion, this makes the matter worse.

Fox News reported,

A police chief in Brooklyn Center outside of Minneapolis released the body camera footage Monday showing the officer-involved shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright, categorizing the event as an “accidental discharge.”

Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon said he believed the so far unidentified officer intended to reach for a Taser but mistakenly grabbed her service weapon and deployed a single bullet. Both the chief and Mayor Mike Elliott declined to release the officer’s name at this time but said the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension should be releasing information about all involved parties soon.

At least 500 Minnesota National Guard personnel were activated across the Twin Cities on Monday in support of Operation Safety Net during the trial for Derek Chauvin – a number that’s expected to increase following Sunday’s fatal police shooting in Brooklyn Center.

I think this woman may be tried and convicted of manslaughter, but not murder. The same goes for Derek Chauvin, I don’t think they’ll get him on murder charges, but will get him on manslaughter.

You can watch the video of the incident on Rumble here, but I didn’t want to directly link the video on this article due to the graphic content of the video.

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