US Military Generals Sound Alarm Over Enemies Advanced Weaponry

Top U.S. government officials are sounding the alarm over foreign threats to the United States.

While we are not currently under any immediate threat of attack, the possibility is now a reality given that China has hypersonic missiles at its disposal.

It used to be that there weren’t any countries that could threaten us too much because we’re isolated from the rest of the world where terrorist countries are in, but with these hypersonic missiles that can travel all the way around the world without our detecting them, we’re in trouble now.

The warnings come after communist “China’s hypersonic weapon test in July included a technological advance that enabled it to fire a missile as it approached its target traveling at least five times the speed of sound — a capability no country has previously demonstrated,” The Financial Times reported. “Pentagon scientists were caught off guard by the advance, which allowed the hypersonic glide vehicle, a maneuverable spacecraft that can carry a nuclear warhead, to fire a separate missile mid-flight in the atmosphere over the South China Sea, according to people familiar with the intelligence.”

Gen. David Thompson, vice chief of space operations, admitted over the weekend that “we’re not as advanced as the Chinese or the Russians in terms of hypersonic programs,” adding that the U.S. has a lot of “catching up to do very quickly” because “the Chinese have had an incredibly aggressive hypersonic program for [the last] several years.”

“While the Pentagon has pushed the development of new hypersonic missiles, the Army isn’t slated to field its first missile until 2024,” Politico reported. “The Navy is aiming to put its own version of the missile on a destroyer in 2025 and on Virginia-class submarines in 2028.”

Really though, does this come as any surprise after having some terrible Democrats in charge over things for so long. Yeah, we were able to do really well under President Trump who actually cares about our military and knows that other countries would love to take out the world’s superpower. But Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and the radical left would honestly completely dismantle our military if they had their way.

When they don’t treat our military as valuable, there isn’t going to be much improvement. Seeing as how they love to cut the military budget and piss away money on everything else that doesn’t matter, it’s no surprise that we’re behind in the weapons game.

Daily Wire

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