US Postal Worker Viciously Attacked in Broad Daylight (VIDEO)

It’s absolutely appaling to see what trashing people will do for a stimulus check, especially against someone who has no control over it.

Obviously, we see this sort of behavior more in Democrat states than we do in Republican-run states.

Two women attacked a U.S. Postal Service mail carrier in Flint, Michigan last week. Who in their right mind attacks the mail carrier? What could she have possibly done?

While it’s not apparent from the video, it does appear that this could have been tied to stimulus checks. The thing that sort of points in that direction is that the mail videoing the attack mentions stimulus checks during the brawl.

Honestly, I wouldn’t doubt that this is somehow tied to it. The government is doing a horrible job at getting the stimulus checks out in a timely manner. I know someone who just got theirs this week through the mail when it should have come through direct deposit like the first check did.

In the video, you can see an older woman trying to stop the fight and tell the women to stop hitting the mail carrier. The man doesn’t do anything to try and stop the fight, instead he stops the older lady from trying to help the mail carrier.

This is the generation that has been raised. This generation is particularly filled with illiterate, illogical, trashy, hoodrat, low-life individuals who can’t be civil with one another and just want trouble. They don’t consider the ramifications of their actions and that’s why they end up getting arrested just like this woman. And just think about it, she is a federal worker. This woman assaulted a federal worker. That is not going to go well in court.

Fox News reported,

Police in Michigan are reportedly investigating after an alleged attack Thursday afternoon on a U.S. Postal Service worker by at least two women was caught on cellphone video.

At least one person has been arrested in connection with the alleged incident in Flint, Mich., FOX 66 in Flint reported.

No official reports on what caused the incident have been reported, but like I said, it was probably something to do with not getting their stimmy check from Uncle Joe yet.

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