Video Of Biden With Kamala After Stairs Incident Is Even More Concerning Watch What Kamala Has To Do

This is simply insane. I can’t believe this is who we have in the White House. This must be one of the worst videos of Biden that I’ve seen recently. And just wait until you see what Kamala and the Secret Service have to do.

Nothing has been more detrimental to Joe Biden’s image than Joe Biden himself. He is a walking talking disaster waiting to happen. That’s why his handlers don’t let him go in public too much and definitely why they don’t let him speak to reporters when asked real questions…not those softball prescreened questions.

We just had the incident recently where he tripped going up the stairs. Three times!

In case you haven’t seen that yet, take a look below. Even if you have seen it, watch it again…because it is a treat.

But that’s not the video I wanted you all to see.

Over the weekend, a video showed Biden on a tarmac with Vice President Kamala Harris. At first, it looks like any normal meet and greet. But then, all of a sudden Biden looks really confused.

He starts to wander back and forth as agents try to direct him in the right direction. Eventually, Kamala Harris points her boss in the right direction and pats him on the back. They all have to treat him like a child. That’s because they are using him as a puppet.

Biden is also getting backlash for his trip up the steps after he made fun of the way then-President Trump walked.

The problem is the whole administration is a joke, below is what happened when a reporter asks Vice President Harris a semi-tough question about the (forbidden illness). Jack Posobiec pointed it out on Twitter.

“BREAKING: Kamala Harris completely falls apart when reporter asks basic questions about her (forbidden illness) Relief Tour”

It gets even more cringe in the video below, this is so scripted it’s disgusting.

According to a report from OANN’s Jack Posobiec, Biden’s foot is still bothering him.

“Biden is clearly still experiencing issues from fracturing his foot from back in November. Admin in denial over it + scared of Jill. This has already happened off-camera several times, per WH official.”

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