Video Shows Citizens Intercepting Van with Pre-Marked Ballots for Socialist Candidate in Foreign Nation

When you think about fraudulent elections, you typically think about foreign countries, especially third-world countries.

Rigged elections are the things of countries like Iran, Iraq, North Korea, and probably Russia.

You don’t expect it out of the United States, yet we know it happens and people get away with it.

But another country recently had an election stolen and the citizens caught them doing it and it’s all on video.

Video footage has surfaced showing that there was a van that was carrying what looks to be thousands of pre-marked ballots all voting for the socialist candidate, Luis Arce, who ended up winning the election.

The presidential election in Bolivia was held in October 2020. On October 18, Luis Arce, Bolivia’s former Economics and Finance Minister, won the presidential election with 55% of the vote (BBC, 20 October 2020). As the MAS candidate, Arce’s victory meant that Bolivians chose to return Morales’ party to power after the 2019 crisis.

It’s quite obvious to see how he won since it was caught on video. The question now will be what will they do about it?

One question that I do have though is when this video was taken. If the election happened 6 months ago, is this video from 6 months ago as well, or is it recent? Because just to be objective, the van alone with ballots after the election was held doesn’t really prove anything, but it this van was intercepted at another time, that’s a big deal.

What’s really sad is that this is exactly what we saw happen in our own election. We literally saw multiple vans pull up to locations and unload ballots from vans and take them inside the area where ballots were counted.

Remember this?

Is this what we’ve become? Have we become just as bad as this nation? The answer is yes, we have. But will it remain that way, or will we be strong and vigilant enough to fight against this sort of fraud and fix our country?

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