WATCH: ATF Agents and State Trooper Show Up Man’s House and Demands to See His Guns Without a Warrant

If you don’t think the radical left wants to obliterate the Second Amendment, just look at what happened in Joe Biden’s own state. Each time liberals squeak another fragment of legislation through, Americans inch closer to having their “right to bear arms” erased.

Once it’s gone, we will not get it back without a fight. But what happened in Delaware recently defies more constitutional rights than just the right to legally own a firearm. Two ATF agents, plus a Delaware State Trooper, violated the right to unlawful search and seizure as well.

These three law enforcement officers arrived in full tactical gear. It’s hard to explain to your neighbors why you have federal agents showing up at your front door in riot gear. It’s simply not a neighborly look. But what can a law-abiding citizen do?

If you’re confident in your constitutional rights, tell them thank you very much, but please come back when you have a warrant. If the situation is like the one this Delaware experienced, they’re already there with a warrant because they couldn’t get one. It’s kind of like a fishing expedition.

One agent told the bewildered homeowner, “The idea is when you purchase more than two guns at a time, it generates multiple sale reports. It comes to us, and we have to check them out.” They tried to blame their request on a rise in gun violence due to “straw gun purchases.”

Straw purchases are when a person buys a gun for another person who is prohibited by law from owning a gun. A straw purchase could also mean someone who doesn’t want their name associated with the gun purchase.

Straw gun purchases are rare and potentially signal that something is afoot. But they still need a warrant. These agents used an age-old trick. Since they didn’t have probable cause to even secure a warrant, they had to coerce the homeowner into allowing them to search his house.

People cannot let this happen. It’s a trick. No attorney worth his weight would ever suggest someone do this. It’s like opening your door to prosecution. If law enforcement shows up intent on investigating a gun purchase, you can bet they tried to get a warrant and failed.

Do not fall for this scam. But the problem is that these incidents are increasing. How many more legal gun-owning Americans will have their rights and privacy violated? When will law enforcement be able to avoid getting a warrant at all?

Many Americans will have the same feelings this homeowner had. He was afraid that if he denied entry, he’d be targeted on some kind of watch list. The left is going to make a grab for every gun. You can bet on it. Elections do have consequences, and this could be the worst.

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