WATCH: Even MORE Video Emerges in Accident Involving Lamborghini

Last week we told you about the incident that took place in which a young girl rear-ended a Lamborghini at an intersection.

The guy in the Lamborghini had one story and his was the one that went viral because it made the girl out to be crazy as though she were mad at him for her rear-ending him.

We later learned that this wasn’t the whole story and she was mad because she said he hit her first and offered her own video evidence of the event.

“You have where she (hit the car)?” he asks. She runs it back for the man, for confirmation.

Somehow, though, the woman comes walking fast toward his vehicle, which he’s already driven out of traffic.

The woman knocks on the window, claiming, “You did that to the front of my f**king car.”

After he starts laughing, because he’s seen the evidence, she asks him, “What’s funny? That’s my new f**king car!”

“Well, when you rear-end people, that’s not how this works,” he responds. “It’s okay; I’ll call the cops real quick. You’re saying that I hit you from behind.”

“No, you hit me in the front of it. Remember, I was at the red light, and you went in front of me and hit my car,” she says, which is not true according to the security footage.

The driver laughs it off, but she’s not amused. The next jump shows the woman suddenly upset, being held back by who appears to be her boyfriend, around the Lamborghini: “I’m bout to beat the f**k outta this b**ch!”

The video did indeed show that he hit her. But this story is still not over.

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Now the guy who was driving the Lamborghini has more video footage that he put out as well as he claims that she hit him both times.

So did she hit him or did he hit her?

Here’s why I don’t think it matters…

You can’t just drive around someone like that in the middle of the road because you’re impatient. You’ve got to wait just like everyone else. He drove in the opposite lane to go around her, but she started moving. I think he’s at fault still. Should she have went already? Yeah, but maybe there was a reason that she didn’t and all she has to do really is make up a good enough reason.

He’s going to have to pay for his own car, and it’s possible that she’ll have to pay for hers, but he may have to pay for it as well.

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