WATCH: Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace Rips Into Jen Psaki About Biden “Transparency”

Chris Wallace from Fox News had an opportunity to interview White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki recently. I’m honestly surprised she agreed to go on because the administration has been hiding from the very beginning.

Thankfully, Wallace jumped all over Psaki about the lack of transparency that they promised from the beginning as well as the crisis at the border.

Wallace even went so far as to tell her that the Trump administration was more transparent than the Biden administration.

We’ve seen the conditions that people are having to experience at the border patrol detention centers and the only reason that we’ve seen them is thanks to members of Congress who took photos and video of the inside of the facilities.

The Biden administration has not been allowing reported to go to the border to document the conditions. We’ve even seen people deliberately try to block Senator Ted Cruz from videoing.

Wallace said:

“The only way we know how bad conditions are for some 5,000 minors in his Border Patrol facilities is because of these pictures that members of Congress have released on their own. Jen, these kids are living in these conditions now. They’re not living in these conditions some indeterminate time from now when the president says everything will be fixed, so why not allow reporters and camera crews in on a pool basis based domain safely to show the American people what’s happening in those border patrol facilities right now?”


“Chris, we are absolutely committed to that, the president is committed to that, I’m committed to that, Secretary Mayorkas is committed to that.”

“We want to provide access into the border patrol facility. We are mindful of the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic. We want to keep these kids safe, keep the staff safe, but we are absolutely committed to transparency and providing access to media to the border patrol facilities, and we are working to get that done as soon as we can.”


“But just to clarify, you allowed a camera crew in to see the HHS facilities, but we are talking about here are the Border Patrol facilities, the detention cells, you know there is a law that they are not allowed to be there for more than 72 hours, many of them are there for ten days. At this point, in terms of allowing access to Border Patrol facilities for reporters, you are being less transparent than the Trump administration.”


“Well, first of all, Chris, the Trump administration was turning away kids at the border, sending them back on the treacherous journey, or they were ripping kids from the arms of their parents. We are not doing that. We are committed to allowing cameras into the Border Patrol facilities, absolutely.”

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