WATCH! Migrants Caught Being Smuggled Across Rio Grande…Thanks Biden

As we’ve already discussed elsewhere, there is a major crisis at the border and one of Biden’s first acts after being sworn in was to undo the attempts at securing our border that President Trump had put in place.

There is literally no reason to do that other than it just being a stupid and childish political move to show his dominance.

This decision made in haste has unraveled before Biden’s eyes. His administration refuses to consider the ramifications of his pitiful decision.

The number of migrant children detained at the U.S./Mexico border has tripled across the last 14 days. But according to Biden’s team, this is not a crisis. In a nation devastated by a pandemic caused by the unleashing of the virus, nearly 10 percent of those apprehended at the border are testing positive for COVID-19.

That doesn’t even account for the hundreds that aren’t even being tested. But according to Biden, this is not a crisis. Total illegal border crossings have skyrocketed to more than 100,000 in February alone. Nearly 10,000 of these have been unaccompanied minors. But there is still no crisis.

Agent checkpoints have been slammed shut because bodies are needed elsewhere to deal with the wave of humanity bleeding across our border. Customs and Border Protection officers must now deal with migrant care and processing as smugglers find gapping holes to haul thousands undetected into the U.S.

They are literally just pouring in. Take a look at this:

But there is still no one from Biden’s team even alluding to the fact that this is a crisis. An even more alarming fact is that this crisis is expected to be exponentially worse over the next couple of months. Will an estimated 1,000,000 illegal aliens waltzing across our southern border be enough to qualify as a crisis?

Press secretary Jen Psaki insists that most of this wave of migrants has been turned away. However, the facts from the border insist otherwise. The evidence is blatant. Why won’t anyone from the Biden administration admit this is a crisis headed for catastrophic proportions?

Maybe it’s because it’s been the plan all along. To Joe Biden it’s not a crisis. It’s a perfectly laid plan to undermine our democracy and bring America to her knees. Create a crisis and then ignore that one exists seems to be the Joe Biden presidential playbook.

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