WATCH: NFL Player Goes Ballistic, Strips Down and Leaves Field in Middle of the Game

I don’t watch the NFL anymore ever since they went woke because I’m not supporting that mess, but it’s nearly impossible to avoid what happened on Sunday with Antonio Brown.

For those who don’t know Antonio Brown, he’s a wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Well, I should say he WAS a wide receiver for the Buccaneers.

On Sunday. Brown self-destructed on the field and took off his jersey, his pads, and eventually took off his shirt in the middle of the third quarter and walked off of the field.

He’s one of the most talented guys playing in the NFL. He’s one of the greatest wide receivers in football, and now he has completely destroyed his career.

Maybe that’s what he wanted, maybe it’s not. Regardless of what he wanted it is over. But after quitting on his team in the middle of a game, nobody is going to hire him for a team. I think if anyone actually did, they would get a lot of hate from the rest of the league and more importantly, the fans.


According to Skip Bayless, he said that Brown was upset that he was out there playing with a hurt ankle and that Tom Brady started to Rob Gronkowski instead of Brown.

So this came down to money really. It wasn’t that he wasn’t getting enough balls, it was that he would get a bonus if he got a certain amount of catches and a certain amount of yards. Watch what Skip Bayless had to say about this coming from close sources to Antonio Brown.

So this man is upset over money. How much does he make already? Is he really that greedy and really believe that Tom Brady won’t feed him the ball a handful of times in order for him to get what he needs to get his incentives?

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