WATCH: Snowflake Kanye West Storms Out of Interview After TINY Pushback

Hollywood and the entertainment industry produce some rather perplexing personalities. Being bizarre sort of goes with the territory. High-profile elite talents seem to have their fair share of “quaky quirks.” Kanye (now “Ye”) West is one of those personalities.

West is both outspoken and headstrong. In his defense, he frequently refuses to be pushed into ideological corners. “Ye” is his “own man.” When it was unpopular among the Hollywood elite to support President Trump, West stepped up and did so.

But there are those who think the remarkably talented rapper may be struggling with some mental health challenges. He seemed in control during a lengthy interview with FOX News’ Tucker Carlson. The lengthy interview was like a portal into what motivates him.

But recently, Ye has been intently focused on what he perceives as attacks from the corrupt mainstream press. He may be correct. The liberal mainstream media makes a habit of attacking anyone with conservative political views, especially those who support President Trump.

So, Ye’s insistence that he’s being secretly targeted for ruin by the corrupt mainstream media isn’t beyond belief. It might actually be true. Nonetheless, Ye appeared to take a dangerously obsessive emotional stance in the face of the attacks.

Rightfully, West called out the mainstream media for unnecessarily targeting him because of his personal and political beliefs. He had a point. But West went on a few viral rants on social media. He posted a number of strongly anti-Semitic remarks.

It was not a good look for the rapper. Even some supporters chastised him for his abrasiveness against what he called “the Jewish elite who run the corporate media.” Maybe West is correct. However, his manner of attack may leave much to be desired.

During a recent interview with Tim Pool on “Timcast IRL,” West was confronted about his anti-Semitic views. It’s the result of these anti-Semitic remarks that many blame for West’s recent series of business failures. Pool asked him about them. West kind of went on a mini-tirade.

He said, “They tried to lock me up. That’s right, because every time, I’m just holding stride, and it’s like, I didn’t, I thought I was more Malcolm X, but I find out I’m more MLK, because as I’m getting hosed down every day by the press, and financially, I’m just standing there.”

Pool seemed to agree with his guest. He said, “I think they’ve been extremely unfair to you.” But that’s when West kind of started to lose it. “Who is they, though?” he responded. “We can’t say who ‘they’ is, can we?”

The host said his definition of “they” was the press. West then blasted back, “What do you mean it’s not?” He then stormed out of the interview. Another person in the room asked West if he was “afraid of the press?” It was a bizarre ending to what appeared to be an innocent interview.

This happened soon after West accused his fitness trainer of wanting to “drug him up.” Ye’s strange behavior has recently escalated. Ye West could be a solid role model for young people pushing back against “woke” culture. But apparently, he needs to address some personal issues first.

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