Watch The Chilling Moment A Boy Falls Into A Manhole

If you’re a parent this video might be difficult to watch. I know that as a dad, it’s tough for me to watch stuff like this because I have such a habit of empathizing when I see something involving children.

In situations like this, every child becomes my child in my mind. By that, I just mean that I can’t help but consider what it would feel like if that were my child.

In the video, a 3-year-old boy can be seen falling into a manhole as he was walking down the street.

The manhole…wait…should I be saying “personhole”?

Anyways, the cover was broken and the boy fell right into the drain below.

According to LADBible, His parents can be seen desperately scrambling to get him out of the drain, where they managed to pull him up. Thankfully, the young boy wasn’t seriously hurt, but suffered bruising to his feet. He was also covered in sewage when he was pulled to safety.

According to local media, a witness said: “There was dirty water inside and I couldn’t see it clearly, he fell inside but kept his head up. The boy was quite scared, he only suffered from some bruises on his feet.”

Police officers arrived quickly after the incident. They then called the street maintenance department who quickly fixed the manhole cover to avoid it happening again.


In a much less innocent manhole-related story, a man was rescued from a drain after hiding in there for 24 hours, only to realize he had become too weak to get out.

46-year-old Sopha Ardjalee had been trying to escape the police when he was found driving a motorbike without a license.

Officers stopped him in Samut Prakan, Thailand and when they tried to search him, he got aggressive and made his escape.

Thinking he’d outwitted officers, he jumped into a manhole to hide the bag of meth he had in his back pocket. But what ensued must have been worse than jail time. The man ended up spending a full day in actual human feces in boiling hot temperatures.

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