When a Frying Pan to the Head Sounds Like Poetic Justice – Man Takes on ANTIFA During

Violence is almost never an acceptable solution to a problem.

I say that with the exception of self-defense. When you’re under physical attack, you’re best response is to react in like manner.

However, there have been hundreds of those special incidents during our nation’s year-long struggle with civil unrest in our city streets. The radical leftists have long since worn out their welcome.

Every common-sense American would like to bonk a radical Antifa lunatic over the head with a frying pan. Well, somebody did. The young man whacked the pink-scarf head of a radical Antifa rioter so hard it echoed.

Again, we do not advocate violence. However, in a somewhat sinister way we find it amusing when the clowns ravishing our city streets have their own violent tactics turned back against them. These anarchists smash windows, burn cars and harass law enforcement.

With all apologies, it’s somewhat refreshing to see one of these whacko anti-democracy clowns get a healthy dose of their own violent medicine. The man in this video that went viral has been coined The Frying Pan Guy.

We understand his rage, regardless of whether we’d step to the level of bonking someone over the head with a frying pan. We want to know more about this angry person. What triggered such a reaction?

Did Frying Pan Guy skip his morning meditation? Why use a frying pan and not a fencepost? These and other intriguing questions could only be answered from a direct conversation with the Frying Pan Guy. Maybe he’s just a misunderstood soul who enjoys bonking people over the head with hard objects.

However, and not to beat a dead horse, or an Antifa rioter with a blunt instrument, when these slanderous slobs are sabotaging our streets, it’s comforting to watch them get a healthy dose of their own medicine. Call it what you like, the karma of chaos or otherwise, it’s like soothing poetic justice to us.

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