Whoopi EMBARRASSES Herself Yet Again – Comments On Trump’s Handling Of Hurricane Crisis

A recent episode of “The View,” took issue with President Donald Trump…yet again. The show attacked the President’s most recent tweets in which he questioned the accuracy of a report on the death toll in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria and the subsequent recovery efforts to rebuild the island in the aftermath.

This comes as Tropical Storm Florence inundated the Carolinas all day on Friday, killing at least four people. Show hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin discussed the storm and potential recovery efforts needed. As all things seem too concerning many on the Left and the View, in particular, they used the topic of conversation regarding a natural disaster and used it to attack President Trump.

Whoppi broke into a tirade, stating – “There is another hurricane on the way as you know, but ‘you know who’ in the White House is still trying to get credit for the way he handled the one which devastated Puerto Rico.

Goldberg continues – “This morning, he tweeted that 3,000 people did not die from the hurricane….much later [Trump claims] Democrats reported large numbers to make him look bad. So if you lost someone how would you feel? If you lost someone on Puerto Rico and this person is saying, well, it’s not from the hurricane, how would you feel?”

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Here’s another report with three independent sources confirming the work stoppage:

“WAPA Television confirmed that the strike is related to a recently passed law known as “The Senate Project 525 meant to Administratively Transform the Public Service Commission.” The law covers the recognition of UBER and other transportation methods but Rodriguez refuses to listen to reason or hear related facts.

The law is more commonly known as “The Senate’s 525 Project.” This video should dispel the rumors as to whether or not the supplies are sitting in the port because there isn’t fuel or because the drivers have been instructed NOT to drive.”

The Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin decided to keep her mouth shut about the strike and insult President Trump instead. It was a foolish and unfortunate choice considering Puerto Rico is out in the middle of the ocean. President Trump doubled down his efforts and was preparing for the tragedy “even before” the hurricanes hit Puerto Rico. -SNN.bz

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