WILD VIDEO: High School Student Stabbed by Classmate as Fellow Students Do Nothing But Record

You want to know what’s wrong with America? Fundamentally there is a lack of care and concern for human life. People just don’t care about other people anymore and I think the internet has played a large role in that.

People have grown so accustomed to insulting others from behind the keyboard where nobody can do anything to them to retaliate. The increase in violence across the country over the last few years is just insane. We’ve seen this increase in violence even in kids as well.

Personally, I can’t even make sense as to why parents even send their children to public schools anymore. It just seems to dangerous now. There’s also the whole liberal indoctrination thing. I just don’t see a new benefit. Homeschooling and private schooling are much safer and let indoctrinating.

Just this week, a student at a school in Utica, New York jumped another student and stabbed him. Thankfully, he was able to protect himself somewhat and teachers finally broke up the attack.

It makes you wonder though, what were the other students doing who were there? Well, you already know what they were doing. They were filming the whole incident with their phones and not showing any regard for the life that was in danger.

The police department and the school district released a statement on the incident:

At that time Proctor teaching staff were notified of a fight occurring in the first floor hallway. As they approached the altercation, they noticed that one party, a 17 year old male, was actively stabbing the victim, an 18 year old male. The teachers took immediate action, without regard for their safety, and attempted to separate the two parties. The teachers grabbed the suspect and forcibly disarmed him, and held him until security staff arrived. The suspect was then immediately removed from the scene and brought to a secure area.

Immediate medical care was provided to the victim, who was suffering from multiple stab wounds to his back and hands. School nursing staff then provided aid until the Utica Fire Department arrived and transported to the victim to a local hospital. Thankfully, his injuries are not considered life threatening at this time.

I can’t tell you how many times over the years I’ve written stories similar to this one. You may not see this stuff as often as I do because it’s not your job to write about it, but it is mine and this sort of stuff is very common.

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