Woman High on Bath Salts Kills Federal Judge, Claiming She Was This Fictional Character

Drugs are bad. I wish they didn’t exist, at least the hard drugs such as methamphetamines, cocaine, crack, heroin, etc.

Marijuana, I’m okay with that one. I can understand why people use marijuana and in my estimation, it is mostly harmless. In some cases, it’s even helpful in many ways.

Personally, I have smoked my share of marijuana when I was a teenager. I have actually done methamphetamines as well as a teenager. Thankfully, I didn’t get hooked on it and remember thinking to myself one day that this stuff wasn’t worth it, so on the way home from work one day, I threw it out the window and never looked back.

Today, I’ve long put drugs behind me and am thankful for it.

But one drug that I never touched and that I can’t even imagine that people do…is bath salts.

I’ve seen way too many videos of people acting insane and zombie-like from this stuff.

Nevertheless, some people do it anyway, including this woman from Florida who thought she was Harry Potter and wound up killing a federal judge and also ran over a 6-year-old.

“Police say Snape then fled into neighboring Delray Beach, where she crashed. A Delray police officer said Snape appeared to be having convulsions, but was able to get out of the car. She stared into space and would only say she was OK,” the Tribune reports. “Police say that in the ambulance, Snape began screaming and fighting with medics while yelling she is Harry Potter. The medics drugged her. Police say they found in her purse the synthetic drug commonly known as ‘bath salts,’ which can cause psychotic episodes.’”

Drugs are bad, mmkay? Especially this drug. Can you remember years ago when people were eating other people’s faces? Yeah, that was bath salts also. This drug is dangerous, just like almost every drug.


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