Yale Professor Fantasizes About “Unloading A Revolver Into The Head Of Any White Person That Got In My Way”

In today’s culture, if you simply disagree with any of the ideas from the liberals, you’re instantly labeled as a racist, a bigot, or something worse.

By far the most popular thing for liberals to claim today is that everything that is wrong with our country is because of white supremacy and white privilege.

It’s not and anyone believing this crap is lacking the ability to think logically. However, according to the words spouted by a crazed New York psychiatrist, it might be life-threatening. Dr. Aruna Khilanani supposedly used words of violence to ignite engagement.

The words she used seemed more like direct calls for violence. To paraphrase, Khilanani has a fantasy of blowing any white person head off who disagreed with her. Unload a revolver was the actual words in her speech to Yale medical students.

If any white person said such nonsense about any person of another color, they would be condemned, and probably locked up in jail. Not this lucky lunatic. Khilanani’s speech was called The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind.

From her descriptive fantasy of shooting someone in the head multiple times, the idea of psychopath missed its mark. It’s clearly her, the good doctor trying to make a social point to an audience of certainly highly engaged Yale liberals.


This is a disturbing trend. The radical left screams foul anytime someone with white skin says anything contrary to their radical woke agenda. However, when they threaten to blow someone’s head off, it’s all just an innocent tactic to encourage engagement.

That’s all baloney, and anyone with an ounce of common sense would agree. For a normal everyday citizen, such comments would earn them a handcuff bracelet and a free ride to the country lockup. Not for a radical liberal New Yorker. They get pats on the back.

It’s so senseless it should be funny, if not for being extremely dangerous. What if someone acts on this crazed psycho psychiatrist’s words? Bet we’d all hear some excuse centered on free speech, something the left is battling to erase. Talk about utter hypocrisy.

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